1. Ariel Nomad

    Ariel Nomad

    Ariel's third model takes the all-terrain car to another level. It's one of the best driving experiences we've ever had

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  2. Caterham Seven

    Caterham Seven

    The Caterham Seven is a stripped-down sportscar offering one of the most pure driving experiences available. It is a true classic and available in nine iterations

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  3. Elemental RP1

    Elemental RP1

    British start-up sports car company Elemental launches the lightweight, track-focused RP1 roadster. We find that to try it is to like it

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  4. Ariel Atom

    Ariel Atom

    In every form the Ariel Atom delivers thrills as exhilarating as any car can deliver. And there’s no greater recommendation than that.

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  5. Westfield Sport 250

    Westfield Sport 250

    Turbocharged Westfield Sport 250 offers ferocious pace, but has it the handling to match?

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