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A BMW 3 Series coupe can be had for as little as £27,000 for the base 318i model. For comparison, the base 168bhp Audi A5 1.8 TFSI costs around £26,500 and Mercedes-Benz’s entry-level 154bhp C180 C-Class coupe can be had from a shade over £30,000.

While the BMW 318i coupe may look like good value next to its premium German rivals, both the A5 and the C-Class coupe offer significantly better performance and come better equipped as standard. Both cars are also much newer than the 3 Series coupe, which does however mean deals should be able to be had on the 3 Series.

Low-price, high-spec models are around if you look

Plenty of special edition versions of the 3 Series coupe are also appearing. These ‘run-out specials’ are generally very well equipped, and are where the real savings on a well-specced 3 Series coupes are to be had.

The range-topping 335i and 335d models provide the real intrigue and variety in the 3 Series coupe’s range, though.

Impressively economical (BMW claims 42.8mpg on the combined cycle, and even with the most lead-footed approach we couldn’t get below 30mpg), monumentally strong and suitably sophisticated, the 335d coupé is a dead-cert contender for title of All The Car You’ll Ever Need.

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Likewise, the 335i’s inherent refinement and the instant and seemingly bottomless urge available, and the 335i makes a classic long-distance machine, covering over 400 miles between fills thanks to a realistic combined consumption of 33.6mpg. 

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