As with practically every other product launched under Geely Holdings’ ownership, the S90 provides ample evidence of where a few billion dollars’ worth of investment have been poured.

This is a fine and likeable large saloon – one that Volvo most likely could not have made in any other circumstance and certainly not with such appealing modernity and value.

Matt Saunders Autocar

Matt Saunders

Road test editor
An easy car to like and rub along with, but one also stripped of driver appeal

If the broader journey is to provide a default option to buyers in this segment, though, the S90 also shows there is still some way to go.

Volvo has built the car to its own idea of the standard, making it comfortable, predictable, safe, spacious, efficient and generally hushed.

But its rivals harness these attributes, too, while simultaneously making cars that are more immediately pleasing to drive.

Arguably, that makes the big Volvo an unconventional option once again, a fact that doesn’t inhibit one bit the idea that its buyers will be getting the most well-rounded left-fielder yet produced.

Although it is a good-looking and well-mannered brute, the Volvo falls short of the German trio – Mercedes-Benz E-Class, BMW 5 Series and Audi A6 and the brilliant Jaguar XF.

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