Frankfurt-bound concept shows off Korean brand’s future design direction while paying tribute to its historic models
Felix Page Autocar writer
6 September 2019

Hyundai has again previewed its Frankfurt motor show star car, a retro-styled electric concept. 

Called the 45, it's said to feature styling references to the brand’s first production car, the Mitsubishi-powered Pony hatchback, which was launched in 1974. 

The first preview image of the EV showed off an LED bar across the rear that will display a matrix flourish upon start-up. Now a rear-side view reveals the car's large wheels and minimalist profile. 

Elsewhere, we can see hints that the 45 will bear a resemblance to sibling brand Genesis’s recent Mint concept, with a rakish roofline, a narrow rear window, extended wheel arches and a low, wide stance. 

As well as paying tribute to the brand’s historic design work, Hyundai says the 45 will “act as a symbolic milestone for Hyundai’s future EV design”. 

There's currently no production intent for the 45; it acts as a design study, rather than a preview of a particular future model. However, a Hyundai spokesperson said the concept is based on a new EV platform and will “preview the potential for EV designers in the future”. 

The 45 will make its first public appearance alongside an all-new version of the i10 city car and the limited-run i30 N Project C hardcore hot hatch. 

Luc Donckerwolke, Hyundai's design chief, said earlier this year that the firm’s styling language needs to be further differentiated from that of sibling brands Genesis and Kia. 

He said: “Our core task is to differentiate the design philosophy of the three brands, not least because we have a big share in Korea.

Our Verdict

Hyundai i30 N

Hyundai’s N performance brand opens for business and aims for hot hatch fame, starting with the i30

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22 August 2019

Great stuff. I rather like some of Hyundais products, but lets face it, their styling has been pretty rubbish for the past decade. 

Mazda has done a great job in their styling revamp, which makes them look quite premium. No other eastern company seems to have bothered to make their cars look good, though Honda might be heading the right way now.

It can't be too hard for Hyundai to do the same.


6 September 2019

From what I can make out, this promises to look rather good, with clean simple lines - just what we need.  I can't see why it has to be dubbed "retro" though.


6 September 2019

More wedge than the Pony. 

Give it a luxury interior, hydragas and I’ll have one.

6 September 2019

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6 September 2019

Promises to be a more successful design than the too self-consciously cute Honda EV

6 September 2019

I usually ignore concept vehicle stories completely because they tease much but deliver very little or nothing.

But this particular item has me more frustrated than usual with its cool retro looks and electric power train because we know such a car will never be made, or watered down so much that it will not resemble the concept at all - despite them slapping a huge price tag on it and announcing a tiny range (just like Honda did with their watered down expensive effort).


Everyone has a right to an opinion - don't confuse that with insulting your mother :-)

6 September 2019

 When ever I see or not see two or three sketchy, darkish, out of Focus images of a Car or whatever I think to myself.......not very confident in there new product are they?

Peter Cavellini.

6 September 2019
Peter Cavellini wrote:

 When ever I see or not see two or three sketchy, darkish, out of Focus images of a Car or whatever I think to myself.......not very confident in there new product are they?


Do you understand the actual point of these images at that particular stage of the process and did you take the time to read the article, that explains the images?. You post tripe.


What on earth does "see or NOT SEE mean here?. Same question for "a car or whatever"?. Tripe.


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