Alfa Romeo GTAm
The GTAm was one of the prettiest cars at Goodwood, no doubt about it

What it's like to drive an Alfa Romeo GTAm at Goodwood

It has taken a day for our man’s hearing to return, but the buzz will stick around for a lot longer

by Sam Sheehan
16 July 2018
Goodwood Festival of Speed
Nio EP9 Goodwood Festival of Speed hill climb

The most impressive car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed is electric

The sight of a claimed 1360bhp being unleashed is jaw-dropping

by Jim Holder
14 July 2018
Goodwood Festival of Speed
Ford Focus
Spec savers: make sure you spec your new Focus wisely

Matt Prior: Why you need to spec your car very carefully these days

The new Ford Focus comes with so many technical options that it can be great, good and quite average

by Matt Prior
13 July 2018
1948 80in S1

Steve Cropley: celebrating 70 years of Land Rover on the Goodwood hill

We rode in one of 70 iconic Land Rover models, a 1948 80in Series 1, that headed up the famous hill in celebration

by Steve Cropley
12 July 2018
Goodwood Festival of Speed

What will the McLaren 600LT be like to drive?

Matt Prior discusses how he thinks the track-focused Sports Series model will drive

by Matt Prior
11 July 2018
New cars
British Grand Prix 2018 at Silverstone
British Grand Prix 2018 at Silverstone

Why a Slovenian farm worker was a hot topic at the British Grand Prix

A legal precedent arising from the 'Vnuk case' could send shockwaves through European motorsport, and key industry figures are taking action

by Matt Burt
11 July 2018
Formula 1
Mercedes-Benz SLC
AMG's sports car would indirectly fill the void left by the Mercedes-Benz SLC (pictured)

Another SLC will not do if AMG is to take on the Cayman

The SLC was somewhat lacking in comparison to Porsche's offerings; can Mercedes-Benz make something more engaging this time?

by Matt Saunders
10 July 2018
New cars
Renault F1 Silverstone
F1 drivers can be fast without having any technical skills...

Why fast F1 drivers aren’t always world champions

The importance of driver feedback, according to Renault Sport F1’s Nick Chester

by Jim Holder
10 July 2018
Renaultsport Clio 182 Sam Sheehan

Life with a used Renaultsport Clio 182: there's no such thing as a cheap bill

The Clio is fast approaching full health, but that doesn't mean the work is almost finished

by Sam Sheehan
6 July 2018
Used garage
Jimny has followed a familiar path of modern renewal

Why the new Suzuki Jimny is everything the Land Rover Defender can't be

This week Matt Prior discusses the all-new Suzuki Jimny and how the Land Rover Defender will be rather tricky to refresh

by Matt Prior
6 July 2018
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