16 July 2019

This is it, then, the Lotus Evija electric hypercar - the car that will relaunch the Lotus brand next year. With 2000hp and four-wheel drive it'll be, Lotus claims, the most powerful production car in the world, and capable of 0-60mph in under 3sec and more than 200mph flat out.

Lotus will build no more than 130 of these £1.5m-2m (plus taxes) Evijas, carbon fibre constructed and with a carbon fibre body to leave it at 1680kg, beneath which will be four electric motors that can torque vector, and a 70kWh battery that can take 350kW fast charging. 

Join Matt Prior as he talks you through the full spec of this car and its extraordinary aero and fabulous interior, and gets the full skinny from Lotus's design director, Russell Carr.


Lotus Evija: 1000bhp electric hypercar named ahead of 16 July debut

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16 July 2019

It’s a very nice, very clever looking piece of kit. I’ll take two please.

19 July 2019



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25 July 2019

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16 July 2019

The comparing review will be interesting.

17 July 2019

I'll probably never see one but it'll be a great promotion vehicle to put Lotus (and Norfolk) back on the map of forward thinkiing car sports car manufacturers.

Already looking forward to next BEV sports car.

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24 July 2019

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29 July 2019
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29 July 2019

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29 July 2019

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31 July 2019
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